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     Premananda is currently under the patronage of the Nellore Catholic Diocese (India) to perpetuate deceased Fr. Jojaiah's mission to assist orphan & needy children, regardless of caste or religion. Premananda currently has close to 108 (18 in College) children & is maintained by donations & sponsorships from our many friends & well-wishers from abroad. The needs of our children are tremendous, so donations & funds are always most welcomed. Please help us at Premananda in our very vital mission to serve so many destitute but deserving children in our region of India.



  Please e-mail Co-founder Professor Jon James regarding financial matters related to how & where to send donation & sponsorship checks for Premananda: Email Jon James 
 Phone=808 944-6983.

Premananda Orphanage Centre
Nellore Diocese Vicar General Fr. Ignatius
Director of Premananda Orphanage Centre
Andhra Pradesh, Indiam
Phone 91 9440730924



Genesis: Premananda Orphanage Centre was started after the terrible 1996 cyclone which devastated the Prakasam, East, and West Godavari Districts of India. Thousands of people lost their lives, and more than one hundred thousand people were left homeless. During this tragedy we organized emergency relief for the victims and were moved by the deplorable conditions of the children who had lost their parents in the disaster. They were practically left abandoned and uncared for. We realized then the need to provide permanent rehabilitation for these destitute, socially oppressed orphan children. We consulted our friends and well wishers who encouraged us to start a centre to care for them. With financial support from many people, both in India and from abroad, we constructed a permanent orphanage building and opened its doors and embraced 60 boys and girls (ages 4-8) in early summer of 1998.

Premananda (Abode of Love and Joy) Orphanage Centre , dedicated to God for the service of destitute children, was officially blessed by founder Father Chopparapu Jojaiah and solemnly opened by co-founder Professor Jon James on 28 June 1998 in Ongole, Andhra Pradesh State, southern India (Ongole, the capital of Prakasam District, is a five hour train journey from Chennai or Madras). Co-founder Professor Jon James of Chaminade University in Hawaii spent years selling unique hand-painted leaf holiday and all-purpose cards as well as raising funds. He now continues to support the Centre in numerous ways. 

Presently in 2008 we have 140 children at three centers. We accommodate and provide everything for both orphan children and needy children from various places. Premananda is an independent humanitarian institution maintained by small gifts and donations from friends and well wishers from abroad. Currently all our girls are housed at the Ongole Premananda Centre (a short walk from the main rail station) and a few miles inland from the Bay of Bengal) while the Pallepalem Premananda Centre for all our boys is very near to the Bay of Bengal.

Goal: Premananda Centre wants to provide a real and loving home for needy children and to assist them in accordance with their right to live and grow up to be free, healthy, and independent individuals who won’t be exploited in the future. 

Objectives:          --To provide children with healthy and hygienic shelter.
                            --To provide children with clean and neat clothing.
                            --To provide children the scope for physical development through
                                nutritious food, sports, and games.
                            --To provide children qualitative education.
                            --To provide children spiritual development through regular prayer and Mass twice a week. 

Founder: Reverend Father Chopparapu Jojaiah is a dedicated Catholic priest who for numerous years has rendered selfless assistance for the rehabilitation of both orphan and destitute children in the Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh State, India. He established the public charity—The Father Chopparapu Jojaiah Educational Society—in order to secure funding for the services he renders. It is the life-long commitment of Father Jojaiah to end his last breath in service of unfortunate children as he always quotes the words of Jesus Christ from the New Testament of the Bible: “Let the children come to me for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.” 

Co-founder: For an article on co-founder Jon James, see the website link: Read About Us.